Sexpectations women talk candidly about sex and dating h33tesinhalaya

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Sexpectations women talk candidly about sex and dating h33tesinhalaya

Have you ever wondered to yourself "is this person flirting with me?

" This may not happen at a bar or a party, It could be after a pleasant exchange at the supermarket, a few shared words and glances at a coffee shop, or a more involved conversation at a social event...

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In his chapter on romance he describes the essential steps any many must take to really sweep a woman off her feet.There is one underlining point that Louis does find that is legitimate--women seek men that have confidence.But who cares; Louis and Copeland have already pointed this out in "How to Succeed With Women." My advice is not to buy this book and do what I have done--go out into the world and find out what women want for yourself.i had originally purchased this book because it featured an interview with Annie Sprinkle the famed porn star.From student to porn star, from corporate executive to professional dominatrix, from the traditionally romantic to the sexually extreme, SEXPECTATIONS shatters our preconceptions of women's sexual ideals and realities. SEXPECTATIONS allows women to describe their sexual experiences and experiments in vivid detail - monogamy and polygamy, sexual bondage and sadomasochism, domination and complete submission, bestiality and spanking. Louis brings a unique male perspective to the interviews and his gritty and straightforward style puts the reader in touch with women's innermost ideas about sex as well as offering practical advice to men on how to approach and succeed with women.In their own voices, women examine the myths and realities of sex.

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To me, most of the negative reviews our here are by guys who want to read simplistic books on getting sex. For me I walked away from reading this with an understanding of how to approach women about sex, discuss sexual topics, and a deeper understanding of myself in the process.