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In 1762, a severe earthquake changed the flow of the Jamuna river and created a new river named Baral.

Many people have opinions on the matter—not least Thailand’s government, which understandably resists the label “brothel of the world.” It has threatened to expel journalists who impugn the honour of Thai womenfolk, and forced Longman’s dictionary to change its 1993 edition, the entry for Bangkok which included the line “a place where there are a lot of prostitutes.” Thailand, in its turn, has been considerably abused by statisticians and NGOs.

We live near Soi Nana, off Sukhumvit Road, a famous tourist site catering for a specific sort of visitor: middle-aged western men.

Currently it is famous for its hand-loom cottage industries and more than 50% people here are related with this business.

Sirajganj District is the gateway to the North Bengal.

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The poor rice crop that resulted sent more young girls than usual down from their impoverished villages on the plains of Isaan to harvest the tourists in the big city.