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Nowadays, however, most child abusers are local men whose ignorance leads them to believe that children are less likely to be affected by the HIV virus than adult prostitutes.

The Philippines, where the fantasy world of the cinema mixes seamlessly with reality, is more open to film-makers; it is also, as it turns out, unwittingly hospitable to sex tourists and locals who use children, most in their early teens but some as young as six years old, for sexual purposes.

She is cradling a very small baby provided by one of the many Vietnamese boat people in the Philippines who have been recruited to act as extras in a BBC drama being filmed in Manila.

The drama, called Saigon Baby, could be about the illegitimate baby of one of thechildren at the Bahay Tuluyan.

They look intently at a battered television screen showing cartoon films, while others play a listless game with their backs turned to the stranger.

Their indifference, verging on hostility, is not surprising.

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He plays Jack, a rather seedy chancer living on his wits in Thailand.

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